In the rainy season, the percentage of terraces leaking is up to 90%, this number may surprise you, but it really is. The terrace is often affected by the weather, sunshine, rain and wind, making the terrace susceptible to water penetration. So how to increase the life of the terrace? What type of roof waterproofing material is best today? The first cause of seepage and leakage is weather conditions: The hot and humid climate in Vietnam causes many different weather phenomena, which directly affect the quality of the terrace. The part of the terrace that is directly exposed to the sun in the summer is prone to shrinkage, creating favorable conditions for the quality of the terrace. conditions for rainwater to penetrate deeply.

Warning against brands that imitate Vicin Vietnam's products

Currently, on the market, there have been and are appearing brands that imitate the packaging design of Vicin Vietnam's tile adhesives and circuit glues, causing impacts on Vicin Vietnam's brand reputation. It also makes it easy for customers to get confused when buying.

Vicin tile & stone Adhesives – challenge the difficulty of the work

In recent years, Vicin Vietnam has accompanied with great projects, not only surpassing domestic competitors - Vicin Vietnam also leads in the product selection list when compared with other brands. international brand. In a series of interviews about the quality of domestic tile adhesives, Japanese construction design expert Mr. Miru Hachi affirmed: “For me, choosing Vicin tile adhesive is a smart choice, quality and cost. could not be better"

Vicin Tile & Stone Adhesive – A trusted product

After more than 10 years of establishment and development, up to now, the Vicin tile - stone glue brand has become an indispensable tiling brand for projects. Vicin Vietnam launched 5 product lines of tile adhesive: VC01, VC02, VC03, VC04, VC05. - VC01 tile adhesive product line: The most widely used by customers because of its flexibility in application to projects. With the characteristics of high adhesion, the quality of the glue is flexible and smooth. Application for tiling - paving bricks and stones of medium and small size 80x80 (cm) in the house, bringing efficiency and durable quality to the building.

The role of tile adhesive in modern architecture

Modern architectural trends such as high-tech, minimalism, green architecture... are quickly "updated" in Vietnam. Followed by the trend of using new construction materials, especially brick Tile adhesive.

The outstanding advantages of Tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is always considered as a superior and most outstanding product to replace traditional cement mortars. Here are the outstanding advantages of tile adhesive that you should not ignore.