Two-component waterproofing - Welmax Welflex 801– Challenging all weather

Welmax Welflex 801 two-component waterproofing product is a high-class waterproofing product line researched and developed by Welmax and Vicin Vietnam.

Welmax waterproofing was born when understanding the urgent needs of the market, when both old and new constructions are calling for help due to the elements of rain and storms that seriously damage walls and ceilings. The waterproofing market is a market that has been exploited for many years from many international and domestic brands. However, to completely meet the waterproofing needs of customers, it is almost a problem without the best answer.

Welflex 801 is a two-component waterproofing product line that is researched and manufactured entirely according to the formula of foreign experts with the advice of experts in many related fields. Specifically, Vicin and Welmax Vietnam directly purchased the copyright of the Thai production formula, the two sides had rigorous working sessions and tested waterproofing many times during product testing. When testing the product with water, the waterproof powder component creates bubbles that protect themselves from water-induced agents for a long time without showing any signs of disintegrating. When mixing both components A and B together, the mixture is flexible and quickly binds to form multi-layer protective films.

Although it has only been distributed to the market for more than a year, the Welflex 801  has received unexpected feedback from customers, even some of our customers are confident that he has not used the product. What waterproofing gives such an immediate effect. Time will always be the right answer to every question that Welmax is on the way to conquering milestones in its journey. Wishing Welflex 801 always strong and durable against all weather challenges!

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