For each 1cm of cement mortar plastered, it needs a minimum time of 7 days. With a thickness of 4cm or more, it is recommended to wait at least 28 days.

Do not mix tile adhesive with cement or any other impurities. Welmax's products are thoroughly researched for optimal use. The addition of such cement will be an agent that can affect the durability later, for example, the high shrinkage reduces the bond with the brick and the foundation, etc.

There are many cases where the oil paste is no longer compatible with today's tiles due to its low water absorption properties such as the popular porcelain tiles (Ceramic tiles with low water absorption properties are called Porcelain). The oil lake will be easily peeled off. But with the right tile adhesive, it will give very good adhesion, to imagine the adhesion ability by gluing 60x60cm tiles, it takes a force equivalent to about 36 tons to pull the tiles out in a direction perpendicular to the brick.

Tile adhesive after being mixed and still left in a bucket or barrel (avoiding sunlight) can be kept for a long time, facilitating the specific construction process from 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of product.

The adhesive layer on the construction surface should not be filmed, because they can cause the adhesion between the tile and the glue to be reduced. If you see the phenomenon of glue forming a film, you need to use a serrated trowel to pull back the glue to remove the film. Pay attention to preserving the surface after construction is completed within 8-10 hours to prevent rain or hot sun, frost may have a bad impact on the surface of the work. Construction is an important area of life. Therefore, consider when choosing tile adhesive products as well as comply with the technical process during construction to ensure a quality and effective work.

In terms of construction:  The tile adhesive will be very easy to use, packed firmly, when used, just mix with water in a certain ratio, no need to soak the tiles before tiling like when using mortar but still Make sure bricks and stones are firmly bonded together. After tiling, you can still align the tiles within 1 hour. Tiles with glue give a very comfortable feeling of use, no squeaking when going up. In terms of quality:   The glue has extremely good adhesion ability, ensuring the construction is durable over time. Glue can be waterproof, waterproof. Besides, it can be used to paste many different materials such as stone, tile, glass, mosaic ... so it is very cost-effective. Fast and secure:  Compared with cement and oil paste, tile adhesive is quicker and more convenient to install. Helps to save effort and time while still ensuring the quality of the work, even superior. Your family's house will surely always ensure aesthetics and durability with tile adhesive.

One of the reasons to use tile adhesive is that it is very waterproof. That is why some quality tile adhesives can also be used in special areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, fountains, jacuzzis, etc. The composition of the tile adhesive will help protect the layer. floor from the influence of water and moisture environment, so it does not damage the floor tiles.

Currently on the market there are many methods are being applied. However, with the method of tiling with tile adhesive and to ensure the adhesion strength to cover the entire surface of the tile and foundation, the construction method with serrated trowel is the most suitable. Please contact Weber's technical department for advice on construction.

When it is necessary to fill joints, the base of iron columns, tower cranes, exposed surfaces such as between columns and floors, etc. In addition, non-shrink grout is also used when necessary to repair defective surfaces.

For Mosaic tiles:

Because the structural components are heated and rolled into small pellets, the small size requires cohesion to form large-sized brick blisters, making construction faster and easier. More expensive than ceramic tiles

For ceramic tiles:

If not cleaned regularly, it is easy to get moss and mold. Poor bearing capacity and impact, easy to crack and chip Easily tarnished, color fade over time In winter, it's easy to feel cold Low water absorption Slippery surface, easy to cause danger. When the weather has high humidity, it is easy to cause sweating The durability of bricks is usually not high, only about 10 years Conclude:

Comparing the above disadvantages of the two types of bricks,  Mosaic bricks  are still more appreciated to use when making swimming pools. Although it has a higher cost than ceramic tiles, in terms of long-term economics, choosing Mosaic glass tiles is still a cost- and time-saving option for repair and replacement.

For the construction of large format bricks, eg 800x800mm with a height of 20m, we recommend having supporting frames, holding bricks.. to ensure safety during construction. In addition, contact VICIN engineering for advice on using appropriate product solutions and support during construction. After 24-48 hours, the temporary support frame can be removed.

Ratio of water: glue = 1/2.5 by volume

Use a small power mixer such as 650W with a stirrer for good and uniform diffusion of the glue. If mixing with a small amount of about 300g, you can use chopsticks to stir about 2-3cm wide, beat until the mixture is homogeneous, the glue surface is smooth.

Tile Spacer also known as  flating keg, the main purpose is to create an almost absolute flat surface when laying tiles.

If divided by size, there are 2 types of brick balancing kegs, 1mm and 2mm

If only according to the purpose of use, the tile balancer also has 2 types:  short type for ceramic tiles, and  long type for graniteas well as bricks with a thickness of more than 10mm

Plastic cross glue has many types, classified based on size (corresponding to the size of the brick Ron line): For example 1mm/ 1.5mm/2mm/3mm/5mm. The most common types are still 1mm ke, 1.5mm keg, 2mm keg, the rest of the kegs larger than 3mm are rarely used.