Vicin Tile & Stone Adhesive – A trusted product

After more than 10 years of establishment and development, up to now, the Vicin tile - stone glue brand has become an indispensable tiling brand for projects. Vicin Vietnam launched 5 product lines of tile adhesive: VC01, VC02, VC03, VC04, VC05.
- VC01 tile adhesive product line: The most widely used by customers because of its flexibility in application to projects. With the characteristics of high adhesion, the quality of the glue is flexible and smooth. Application for tiling - paving bricks and stones of medium and small size 80x80 (cm) in the house, bringing efficiency and durable quality to the building.

- VC02 tile adhesive product line: An upgraded product line used for outdoor cladding - paving, resistant to high geological pressure. The product line can be used for bricks and stones larger than 80x80 (cm).
- VC03 tile adhesive product line: is a specialized product line for projects with high humidity such as Swimming Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Spa, ... Application for Marble, Glass, Mosaic tiles , Porcelain. The product adds waterproofing, flexibility, and excellent adhesion. Resistant to persistent physical agents.
- VC04 and VC05 tile adhesive product line: A specialized upgrade product line for projects. Used for large format bricks from 120x120 (cm) or more. Withstands impact and vibration. Support highly effective waterproof feature. Use tiling – indoor and outdoor. Application for parking areas, parks, ... vertical wall tiles with large format bricks, super strength, super weight.

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