In the rainy season, the percentage of terraces leaking is up to 90%, this number may surprise you, but it really is. The terrace is often affected by the weather, sunshine, rain and wind, making the terrace susceptible to water penetration. So how to increase the life of the terrace? What type of roof waterproofing material is best today?

The first cause of seepage and leakage is weather conditions:

The hot and humid climate in Vietnam causes many different weather phenomena, which directly affect the quality of the terrace. The part of the terrace that is directly exposed to the sun in the summer is prone to shrinkage, creating favorable conditions for the quality of the terrace. conditions for rainwater to penetrate deeply.

The construction process is not guaranteed:

The cause of the terrace not keeping the original durability can also come from the construction is not guaranteed. Due to improper construction, the terrace quickly deteriorated, leading to seepage and leakage.

Improper waterproofing:

Waterproofing is the last step in the construction process. If the waterproofing process is not focused, it will very quickly make the terrace waterproof, unable to withstand the impact of the weather well.

The building has reached the age of deterioration:

Although the surface of the terrace is properly waterproofed, after using it for 20-30 years, there will be degradation, which is understandable.

Choose waterproofing Welmax 801 with outstanding features, helping to ensure the durability of the terrace:

- Outstanding waterproof and frost resistance

- Crack resistant up to 2mm wide at -100C

- Simple and aesthetic construction process

- High adhesion, suitable for all construction conditions

- Covering the terrace to form a seamless waterproof layer, completely waterproof

- Easy to blend and apply

- Environmental friendliness


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