Warning against brands that imitate Vicin Vietnam's products

Warning against brands that imitate Vicin Vietnam's products

Dear Partners & Customers!

Currently, on the market, there have been and are appearing brands that imitate the packaging design of Vicin Vietnam's tile adhesives and circuit glues, causing impacts on Vicin Vietnam's brand reputation. It also makes it easy for customers to get confused when buying.

With Vicin Vietnam's products, there is always a focus on carefully investing in aesthetic and visual elements in each stage of packaging design and production. Our product packaging designs always ensure the elements of harmony in color, layout and standard proportions, fine workmanship and printing quality.

In order for customers to distinguish and better identify, we offer the comparison images below. At the same time, we also recommend to customers when choosing products to be more careful and careful.

The counterfeiting of product packaging designs has always been a painful problem for many businesses, Vicin Vietnam always respects the creative values and is also ready to apply necessary measures to prevent as well. as a warning against any image copyright fraud in commercial law.

Let's build a decent business ecosystem together!

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