Vicin premium tile grout

VICIN tile grout is a high-grade industrially produced adhesive, manufactured according to the additive formula of Germany. Main ingredients include: Cement, Synthetic Polymer, inorganic color... the product meets the required quality standards, is easy to apply and finish, is used for scrubbing when constructing tiling and flooring in interior areas. home and outdoor, for Ceramic, Granite, Mosaic, Natural Stone, Artificial Stone. In particular, the product is also suitable for scrubbing floors in supermarkets, railway stations, restaurants, airports and public service areas.


- Flexibility and adhesion performance is many times higher than that of traditional white cement

- Effective anti-mildew

- Smooth and shiny surface

- Increases effective waterproofing

- Variety of colors, environmentally friendly

- Product durability up to more than 10 years

Surface before construction must clean dirt, remove grease, moss and other impurities ... Tiles circuit does not allow water or liquid materials.
Surface should not be too dry, should create a certain humidity before application.
Construction tools must be clean.

It is recommended to slowly pour the glue into the water to prevent the glue from clumping, with the ratio of 0.1kg/300ml of clean water.
Mix well to get rid of any lumps, then leave for 3-5 minutes for the additives to react chemically, mix again to achieve the new plasticity of the glue.

Using a steel bait table or a specialized rubber scraper, fill the tile with full glue, when the glue is full, you can create a brick circuit as you like.
Use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the tile immediately after applying the glue.

For tiles and stones with rough - rough surface, it is necessary to check the ability to clean the surface before construction.

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