Instructions for applying Vicin tile adhesive

- The construction surface must be flat, firm, clean, free from grease, dirt and other impurities...
- If applying in conditions of high temperature, direct sunlight, it is necessary to water to reduce the temperature of the surface and at the same time carry out curing after the construction is completed.

- Need 5-6 liters of clean water (or adhesive strengthening solution) into the bucket, slowly pour in the glue powder and mix well.
- Using a slow speed mixer, mix until the product has a uniform plasticity, stop mixing for about 3-5 minutes for the product to react chemically, mix again and then apply.

- No need to soak bricks and stones in water. Make sure the tile is dry and clean before gluing.
- Use a serrated trowel to evenly apply the glue mixture to the surface of the wall and floor. Create an additional layer of glue from 2-5mm thick on the back of the brick, stone to increase the bond between the surface of the brick, stone and the glue. Avoid peeling, cracking bricks.
- Place and align tiles and stones to the tiling position, use a rubber hammer (or a vibrator) to knock evenly on the surface to ensure that the material is evenly spread and firmly adhered.
- Clean tile and stone surfaces with a damp sponge.
- The mixed glue should be used up within 4 hours, do not expose the glue to direct sunlight.
- Light circulation after 24 hours.

- The product is of cement origin, so it can cause allergic reactions when in contact.
- Avoid direct contact with skin or eyes, when in contact with the body, wash with clean water.
- Gloves and glasses should be worn when working. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

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