QMS Tower To Huu apartment project

QMS Tower 2 apartment building was built at the intersection of To Huu and Mo Lao Road. This is a super project in Nam Tu Liem District, the luxurious modern Singaporean design style and sophistication will satisfy all customers. Construction density accounts for only 40% of the remaining space for utilities and landscaping.

Vicin cooperates with contractors to build up technical documents for the quality of tiling of floors and walls to ensure aesthetic requirements, withstand the impact of external conditions and weather. . This is a project that recognizes a breakthrough in production ideas as well as monopolizing the number of outputs of Vicin's products. 

With a total area of ​​nearly 6,565.5 m2, a total floor area of ​​nearly 85,050.0 m2 with 5 basements for parking, 5 floors of commercial and service centers, 30 floors for living.

Southeast: Near Nhue River
Northeast: Adjacent to La Khe Bridge
North West: Adjacent to To Huu Street
Southwest : Adjacent to Roman Plaza project 

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