Project to laying tile T1 terminal, Noi Bai international airport

Noi Bai International Airport has carried out the repair, renovation and upgrading of passenger terminal T1 starting from July 11, 2017 to March 2018. In order to improve the quality of passenger service and increase the operating capacity of passenger terminal T1 to serve 15 million passengers/year.

Vicin Vietnam signed a cooperation contract to repair and renovate T1 terminal on July 11th. We have provided the high-class line of tile adhesive Vicin VC01.

Passenger terminal T1 has been inaugurated and put into operation since 2001, with an initial design capacity of 6 million passengers/year. After many years of overloading, the terminal was expanded and inaugurated Hall E in 2013, increasing the capacity to 9 million passengers/year. By 2017, Noi Bai International Airport will continue to renovate and repair to increase operational efficiency and increase the service capacity to 15 million passengers/year. 

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