Vicin Vietnam - Proud of Vietnamese brand

Vicin Vietnam is a leading manufacturer and trader in Vietnam in the field of application of new technology products in building materials, decoration and finishing materials, high-quality brick & stone adhesive products. , Glue, Epoxy decorative tile, waterproofing agent, grout, self-leveling mortar... Vicin Vietnam has become a prestigious brand with high quality product lines, trusted by customers. Ideal choice for modern constructions.
From the first steps full of difficulties and challenges, recalling the days of forming an idea and establishing a business, Mr. Do Anh Tuan - General Director of Vicin Vietnam Joint Stock Company confided: "In order to have success, chosen and trusted by customers and partners as today, we had to overcome great difficulties and challenges. 10 years ago, when we first built a factory, we had to face difficulties in terms of infrastructure, specialized equipment and machinery - especially a team of engineers and specialists and technicians. high-class. The profession of tile adhesive, circuit glue, epoxy glue was very strange to people at that time. Determined to be a pioneer and breakthrough in the application of science and technology to production, we have approached major markets in the world to learn and accumulate in-depth knowledge, while applying using the model of building a modern factory with international standards for high quality and productive products”.

With the acumen of the market economy, showing pioneering orientation and vision, despite facing many difficulties and challenges, Vicin Vietnam has been consistent with the goal - orientation to confidently and bravely step into the field. production area of ​​tile & stone adhesive, circuit scrubber, waterproofing, grout, self-leveling mortar...
Deciding to launch high-end product lines, Vicin Vietnam marked a pioneering milestone in the market of Tile & Stone Adhesives and Circuit Boards in Vietnam. Improve the quality of works, change the thinking and use of new products for the building materials industry. The trust of customers is the driving force for Vicin Vietnam to develop its journey over the past 10 years, constantly affirming its leading position in the total solution of finishing tiling in construction.
In particular, in the finished building materials industry, traditional trade channels are still the area that accounts for the largest proportion of sales. After success with Vicin tile adhesive brand. The company's management has determined that the domestic market is important and continuously expands production, diversifying products and business systems in localities. 2018 marks the fact that Vicin Vietnam holds the No. 1 market share in key product lines, but also has a joint venture with partner Tmax Thailand to distribute and enter into Vietnam market with international branded product lines. A large enterprise is not only a business with a surplus of many billions of dong, but it must be an enterprise that can bring value to millions of customers, which the Board of Directors has long cherished for the dream of production. Vietnamese products reach out to the world.

Once in possession of a large-scale factory system, Vicin Vietnam's product ecosystem is continuously expanded to diversify product lines. Besides, Vicin Vietnam is an enterprise that invests and cooperates in manufacturing and importing products from Thai partners.
In order to enter the big market, dominate and challenge competitors, the company's leadership soon determined to focus on the core values ​​of improving quality, diversifying products, meeting needs and trends. market position through pioneering the application of the most modern technology in production. The worthy result of this unremitting effort is the domination of a large market share in Vietnam with the product lines of Vicin, Welmax, Brick & Stone Adhesive, Brick Adhesive and Brick Glue, exclusively imported Red Dragon…

Vicin Vietnam's biggest success is creating trust and prestige among domestic consumers. This has given Vicin Vietnam an equal business opportunity, fair competition with foreign competitors.
From a small production unit, after strong transformations - until now, Vicin Vietnam has a wide sales network, a nationwide distribution network, and a factory system that applies the most modern technology in the industry. . However, Vicin Vietnam is not satisfied with its current successes.
When asked about today's success, Mr. Do Anh Tuan humbly shared: “Our success is still ahead, all is just the beginning. We are committed to improving the quality more and more, with dedicated service, listening to opinions, completely satisfying the requirements and contributions of our partners and customers with the motto. “Value foundation - Connecting the future”.

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