Partnership: TMAX Corporation Thailand and VICIN Vietnam

Tmax Coporation is Thailand's leading corporation with products in adhesives, construction tools and construction accessories. Vicin Vietnam and Tmax Corporation have signed a long-term contract on the supply chain of high-quality Thai products in Vietnam, and at the same time, the two businesses also cooperate to produce products suitable for the Vietnamese market. Vietnam, requires the best quality and reasonable cost for consumers. As one of the leading units in the industry of producing tile adhesives, circuit rubs, steel implants, epoxy, etc., we are always committed to cooperating to create high quality products for customers. domestic market.

Recently, Tmax Corporation has accepted an invitation from Vicin Vietnam in the event to introduce high quality Thai products in Ho Chi Minh City. The product exhibition brings confidence to customers with practical experiences, leading experts of TMAX also performed product construction techniques at the exhibition. These are steps that bring peace of mind to customers when receiving top Thai products.

We continue to sign production cooperation relationships for the project with a 20-year vision.
Vicin Vietnam is honored to be a manufacturer and distributor of high quality Thai tile adhesive in Vietnam.

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