Year-end closing ceremony and gratitude to partners, customers and employees of Vicin Vietnam

2022 is a year marking the breakthrough of Vicin Vietnam in developing new product brands and spreading the high-end product values of Vicin Vietnam to customers. Like many other businesses, after the difficult years of overcoming the pandemic, Vicin Vietnam has always stood firm, not only that, but Vicin Vietnam has also grown beyond expectations.
The positive feedback of our partners and customers is a great motivation to help Vicin Vietnam become stronger day by day and raise the quality level as well as a stronger brand.

In the gratitude ceremony held solemnly on the last day of 2022, the company's leadership expressed deep gratitude to our partners - customers and staff. Besides, there are meaningful gifts to recognize and honor the best collectives and individuals.

Ban giám đốc cũng đưa ra những đánh giá chân thực và những tổng kết cụ thể về Sản phẩm, chất lượng, dịch vụ cũng như những biến động và thay đổi của thị trường.


The Board of Directors also gives honest assessments and specific summaries of products, quality, services as well as fluctuations and changes of the market. To achieve these great achievements, it is the daily, hour-by-hour efforts of all individuals and groups. Vicin Vietnam would like to express our deep gratitude to our partners, customers and all employees in the company for their efforts and accompanying Vicin Vietnam in the journey of achieving success. Hopefully success will follow success so that Vicin Vietnam and all of us can fly high and reach further on the future path.


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