Premium Welmax Epoxy two component tile grout

Welmax Epoxy Tile Grout is a two-component grout grout, made from epoxy resin, curing agent and aesthetic coloring material. Compared with traditional water-based adhesives, this product has outstanding advantages in terms of technology and methods. construction and application efficiency is very high. After hardening, the surface is smooth like porcelain, high strength, wear resistance, anti-fouling, easy to clean. Artistic products can be combined with other decorative materials.

Unlike other lines of white cement-based grout, both components of Welmax epoxy grout have a super durable structure, resistant to many harmful factors from the environment such as mold, grease stains, coffee, dust. dirty,...  helps keep the grout clean, easy to clean, perfect aesthetic features.

Epoxy compound with 2 main ingredients:
+ Transparent glue composition with tight bonding function, increasing the adhesion between the glue and the tile background.
+ The color glue component plays the role of creating decorative colors and hardening the glue after it is applied.

Outstanding advantages:
1. Waterproof, anti-mildew and not black, yellow. Prevent bacteria growth.
2. Rich colors, can be mixed with natural and delicate tinsel, increasing the overall aesthetic decoration.
3. Withstand all weather conditions, suitable for many climate zones.
4. Maximum elasticity, so there is no broken circuit.
5. Odorless, harmless to health, environmentally friendly.

Use grout when tiling all kinds of ceramic tiles, porcelain, paving stones ... Also can be used to rub grouts around kitchens, toilets, bathtubs, baseboards, wall decoration and hotel lobby, airport, etc. ... The product is a perfect substitute for traditional powders such as white cement, grouting powder which are available in the market.

Various colors:
Welmax Epoxy 2-component grout adhesive has many different colors to choose from. With a color palette from light to dark, from hot to cold, from smooth to shimmer, glitter, etc., customers can easily choose their favorite color, matching the color of the brick background and interior color.

Easy to mix with existing bricks on the market:
Welmax Epoxy 2-component adhesive is suitable for most stone and tile surfaces such as: ceramic tile, glass tile, imitation wood tile, granite tile, ceramic tile, mosaic tile, etc. From the smallest size to the large size tile. It also does not make it difficult to adhere to the 2-component grout adhesive. Thanks to this advantage, customers are completely assured when using and choosing existing tiles on the market when combined with Welmax epoxy grout adhesive.

Easy construction:
Welmax Epoxy two-component grout adhesive has a prefabricated double-tube design, containing two components of the glue inside. The construction becomes easy, customers just need to use the right type of specialized glue gun, install the glue tube into the gun, and easily inject the glue. Select glue pump depending on the speed of glue out fast or slow.
Besides, Welmax also provides a dedicated grout cleaning kit (scraping and cleaning the circuit), a set of grouting rollers that help to make the grout even, smooth and firm, and a set of knives to remove excess glue.

Easy to buy wholesale - retail:
With a nationwide distribution network, customers can buy Welmax Epoxy grout at Welmax Vietnam's agents and distributors. Or distant customers can rest assured to order via Welmax Vietnam Hotline: 094 862 0099. We will always serve you 24/7 with the most attentive customer service.

Construction instructions:
1. Use specialized tools to clean impurities, dirt, grease... in the grout, the width of the tile should be 2mm, the depth 3mm-5mm.
2. Install a special plastic nozzle on the end of the glue pipe. Insert the glue tube into the gun, should pump evenly, slowly with the speed of moving the glue gun to reach an angle of 40-45 degrees.
3. Remove the first glue when injecting out of the glue tube, to avoid uneven initial glue mixture.
4. Flatten and adjust the grout surface by using a suitable grouting ball to create a smooth grout surface (roll the grout only after the adhesive has hardened - about 10 minutes in summer and 30 minutes in winter. ).
5. After 4 hours in summer and after 8 hours in winter, when the glue has dried, use a special trowel to remove excess glue and clean the tile floor.
6. Construction of each area in turn, to ensure the best quality.

Storage and use notes:
- Store in a cool and dry place.
- Do not let the glue touch the skin and eyes, during application, if the glue sticks to the skin, the eyes should be washed with water or checked by a medical facility.
- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


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