Construction project of Diplomatic Corps building

Diplomatic Corps area is a large-scale, modern urban area, meeting international standards. Built right in Xuan Tao commune, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
The urban area is located at a convenient traffic location and this is also the political and economic development area of ​​Hanoi. Thanks to the prime location, through the main road Nguyen Van Huyen helps people in this area more convenient for moving, buying and selling, easily connecting to the city center and the airport.

Vicin Vietnam reached a high-level agreement with the general contractor of the Diplomatic Zone project. With the quality requirements of the floor and wall tiles according to international standards (ensure high aesthetics, ease of construction, withstand all impacts of the outside, weather, safety and environmental friendliness). school). These are also the criteria for production and distribution of products to the market of Vicin Vietnam. After the testing and product testing phase, we have conquered the most demanding team of experts and engineers and provided this high-end project.

The project includes 23 low-rise and high-rise apartment buildings evenly distributed from N01 to N04 occupying an area of ​​​​62.8ha with many segments. This urban area has a diverse area, fully furnished. Always bring residents here the most complete, comfortable and perfect life.

The East borders with the military compound of General Department 2 and the sports center of Tay Ho district.
The South borders with West Lake West Urban Area and the planning road.
The West borders with Co Nhue new urban area, Friendship Park, Hoa Binh Monument Park and planning road.
The North borders the residential area of ​​Xuan Dinh village. 

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