Construction project of building 319 Ministry of Defense

The project to renovate the office area - Ministry of Defense is part of a series of projects to upgrade and improve the quality of floors and tiling of state buildings of Vicin Vietnam. Trusted and selected by state agencies and leading enterprises. Vicin clearly recognizes the mission and responsibility to bring new life to each project. This is a high-class project and gives Vicin the pride of being always selected and appointed to execute a package for large-scale projects.

Vicin Vietnam is proud to be the official supplier for the Vicin high-class tile adhesive project. With outstanding features in technology. We have checked with a team of engineers and foreign experts through 3 rounds, all indicators have reached 100% of the requirements, the aesthetics are highly appreciated. The product quality is convincing, giving Vicin the most valuable and reliable contracts in the construction and tiling industry.

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